Needful Needlecrafts

About Us

I am Karen, I have been stitching for over 50 years

I have been stitching for over 50 years. I started like many by learning from my grandmother. She was a master needleworker able to do all types of handwork. So I learned cross stitch, tatting, Hardanger, stumpwork, blackwork, embroidery, canvas work, and knitting all under the watchful eye of a master.  Some I really loved and others not so much but I was encouraged to at least understand the mechanics of each discipline. As I progressed I found that I loved counted cross stitch best. Maybe because it allowed me to add some things of the other disciplines into it. Living and traveling around the world allowed me to see different ways that needlework was developed and introduced me to different fibers and materials. So when I returned to the United States I started looking for places to purchase cross stitch supplies. That is when I realized there were not a lot of options. Sure there was JoAnn Fabrics, Hancock Fabrics, and other big box stores but not much more. I did find some little treasures, small shops that carried some floss and fabrics but not different and unusual,  basically the standard DMC floss, the basic colors of the fabric in 14,16,18,28 counts.  So I started investigating where could I get fibers that I could do multiple crafts with.  And Needful Needlecrafts was born.  We started as a Renaissance Faire Shop so we were portable and mobile.  This limited what I could carry because everything had to be set up and torn down every weekend. Plus I had to keep in mind the weather, dirt, and fingers.  My husband was a trooper about this he built displays and improved designs for easier setups and tear downs, but in time this lost its charm, so I was given a choice “put up or quit “ but in different words, so Needful Needlecrafts moved to brick and mortar.

Exciting new begginings for Needful Needlecrafts

For just over 15 years I had packed my 490 square-foot shop with different fiber and fabrics. I have encouraged stitchers to try new techniques, fabrics, and fibers. So much so that I have had to just recently decided to embrace change and grow Needful to 1300 square feet to allow for more room to continue to offer classes on different techniques in the different disciplines and the ever-increasing variety of fiber, fabrics and introduce people to the different needleworks so they can continue to create works of arts for themselves and others. Plus show younger people that cross stitch is not just samplers and old people’s stuff. There is really something for almost everyone’s tastes.